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Sony, Steam And Amazon Offering Refunds On No Man’s Sky Irrespective Of Playtime

Sony, Steam And Amazon Offering Refunds On No Man’s Sky Irrespective Of Playtime

For most of the people, No Man’s Sky has been nothing but one disappointment after another. Allegedly, it is nowhere close to what Hello Games had promised. Needless to say, it was a huge letdown.

Amazon, Sony (through the PSN) and Steam, all seem to agree on this viewpoint. Hence, they have started refunding the digital copies of the game regardless of how long you’ve spent playing the game.

“You can do this with practically anything on Steam so long as you are not abusing the system,” posted NeoGaf user Nzyme32. “I assume they have some internal criteria for all this in coming to a decision as to whether you can get a refund when outside the normal refund criteria. I managed to get a refund on Volume & Homeworld Remastered (which I have since repurchased) despite being both over the 14 day criteria and over the 2 hours played criteria for both games.”

“Just heard on a random twitch channel they’re giving refund so i gave it a shot even though I tried the day it came out, AND HOLY S*** IT WORKED. I should mention I had 8 hours in the game, and a negative review,” wrote whaaatcrazy on Reddit.

Considering how Sony is so stringent about its refund policies, this course of action speaks volumes about how the game has been received. It is a superficial and hollow experience, although a pretty looking one. Someone aptly described it as “as vast as the ocean, as shallow as a pond”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Those who are unsatisfied with their experience, like hundreds of users, this may be the best time to apply for a refund, before these companies change their minds.

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