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Celebrate National Sports Day With The Best Sports Games

Celebrate National Sports Day With The Best Sports Games

Sports day as an event is always fun, especially when you’re in school. The national anthem, and the march past followed by a plethora of physically engaging and challenging activities – always the best to get that adrenaline pumping through your body. And as the nation celebrates the National Sports Day, why should the gamers (especially the ones who who don’t like to go outside) fall behind? You don’t have a physically play a sport in order to enjoy it, amirite? So here is out list of the top 5 sports video games across the platforms, in no particular order.


  • Publisher: EA Sports
  • Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS 4, Xbox 360, PS 3


It’s hard not to think of FIFA when you talk about sports games. Remaining on the top for a long part of the decade, the series remains a fun, solid take on a classic sport. The visuals and rosters of licensed players have always helped it maintain its popularity.

Madden NFL 16

  • Publisher: EA Sports
  • Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 3, PS 4


odell-beckham-jr-madden-nfl-16-cover-ftrjpg_py1r6b9do4491kzjg0vg9j10qThe game is always a hoot when you get together with friends and go at each others’ throats. And though it sticks to the same formula year after year, it hits the nails right on the head when it comes to the fundamentals.

MLB The Show 16

  • Publisher: Sony
  • Platform: PS 3, PS 4


Feel like a pro as time slows down around you on the field when you’re in the zone. The amazing career and GM modes only make us feel bad that the game exists on Sony’s platforms.

NBA 2k16

  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Platforms: PC, PS 4, PS 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360


It doesn’t matter whether you’re into real basketball, cause NBA 2k16 is way more fun. Because it’s really easy to pull off a 360 degree alley-oop. And you don’t end up breaking your nose. Man, if only I could dunk in real life.

Cricket 2007

  • Publisher: EA Sports
  • Platform: PC, PS 2


We can’t betray our national roots by not talking about cricket, can we? Sure, it’s not the national sport, but in terms of popularity and scale, it’s probably the biggest. And EA’s rendition of this sport is amazingly simple and fun. You can get together with friends and hit sixes on every other ball, or shower them with yorkers till they throw away their controllers in frustration. And the PC gamers can always update their old 2007 game with patches, adding current rosters and tournaments to keep the fun going.

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