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Single Player Games Are Definitely Not Dead

Single Player Games Are Definitely Not Dead

The video game trend has been evolving from a solitary experience to ‘games as a service’. I am, just like a majority of the gamers, against this shift of trend, yet the big players in the industry are following the trend.

For me, video games have been the most immersive form of storytelling, a solitary refuge. I just like to buy a game, seclude myself from social conventions and dive into the experience. I don’t want to pay another 10 bucks for that ridiculous sword that is a must to beat the final boss. I don’t like to gamble on loot boxes for legendary gear.

The shift in the trend of video games further affirms on my beliefs to be a single player gamer. Single player games offer interesting stories, vast open worlds and nobody is shouting at you about how they did your mother last night.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game released earlier this year and the winner of Ultimate Game of the Year golden joysticks award, is a perfect example of my words. It has an enjoyable combat, beautiful world with seemingly realistic physics and a wonderfully crafted story. Best of all, it has no microtransaction crap.

Assassin’s Creed Origins, although featuring microtransactions, is a seemingly full game, as opposed to Shadow of War and other AAA games released this year. I believe that Assassin’s Creed Origins is doing microtransactions the right way. You can directly buy legendary gear instead of gambling on loot boxes. And the best part is that all of the legendary gear is available in the game, you just have to get it. The microtransactions are for those who look forward to skipping the grind and save some time, instead of being challenged.

The games such as Nier: Automata, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn further illustrate my point.

So in conclusion, this is the best time to be a single player gamer because when you buy a single player game for $60, you get the complete experience, rather than spending another $100 and still lacking the satisfaction of a well-made game.

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