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Forza Motorsport 7 – Review

Forza Motorsport 7 – Review

In many ways Forza Motorsport 7 feels like a true return to form for the franchise. After seeing  decline in quality over the past few entries, Forza Motorsport 7 fixes any complaints that fans have had, while also going the extra mile in adding new features and overall improvements that greatly benefit the franchise.

The driving is the obvious star of the show and is among the best in class simulation racing you could find right now. Everything down to the very last detail has been painfully recreated, and a lot of it can be vastly customized. The incredible roster of cars and tracks not only feels great but also looks stunning.

There are a few missed opportunities, especially the decision to stick only with real life tracks, which detract from the overall experience. After this many years of playing Forza, I desperately wanted to see some new tracks. Sure, the existing tracks look better than ever, but they also feel overly familiar.

Best in class simulation racing you could find right now.

Attention to detail in the cars is absolutely impressive, and there are so many of them. Even with the lack of Tesla and the absence many of Toyota’s cars, there roster is still massive. Everything from modern powerhouses to old classics make an appearance here. There’s something here for everyone to enjoy, and it’s easy to pick a car and just get driving.

Dynamic weather effects and beautifully rendered roads add significantly to the joy of driving. Seeing the light peek over the horizon and eventually wash over the landscape make for some serene vistas. Both on the PC and the Xbox One the game manages to maintain steady framerates at high resolutions. Performance is excellent across the both platforms.

Attention to detail in the cars is absolutely impressive.

The same goes for the sound design, with an obsessive amount of attention given in making everything sound just right. Pulling in a sharp turn and hearing the sound of tires struggling to maintain a grip feels intense and lifelike.

Driving feels natural, be it with a controller or a driving wheel. Assists can be tweaked the way you want, allowing you to opt for a more arcady or simulated experience. The single player career mode is robust, and the multiplayer is even better. Also, in the Free Play mode, you can drive any car you want from the get go, which is a significant point in its favor when compared to Gran Turismo Sport. There are still some issues with the progression, but the overall experience is still delightful.

Dynamic weather effects and beautifully rendered roads add significantly to the joy of driving.

Forza Motorsport 7 is a fantastic racing sim, and is flexible enough to welcome veterans and new-comers. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and is unmatched in its roster of cars and tracks.

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