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Review: Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S

Review: Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S and L are the latest additions to the family of RGB keyboards. While we’ve seen a lot of RGB keyboards in the recent time, thanks to the competitive market, there has been a shortage of keyboards with Cherry MX RGB switches. Masterkeys Pro S and L both make use of these switches. We were lucky to get our hands on the Pro S, and here is the result.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the appearance. Cooler master has chosen a simple, no nonsense look for the keyboard, the only thing different being that the Windows key has been replaced by one with a Cooler Master logo on it. We have to say, this look works for it. With the minimalistic design, the keyboard occupies the least possible space, and it also feels great to use.

The RGB LEDs used for back-lighting are fairly bright, and the accompanying software allows you to make point-and-click customisation, making your keys glow according to your favourite combination. You do not necessarily need to use the software, but it makes things convenient. It can be set to a static mode, where the keys are perpetually lit, or a random ripple effect, cause nearby keys to light up like the 4th of July sky. There are multiple combinations to choose from, and 4 different profiles that you can switch at will.


They keys are highly responsive and feel very comfortable to use. One drawback is that the Cooler Master software does not allow you to freely customise macros, so you will have to reply completely on the built-in macro recording features that come with the keyboard.

Cooler Master may face stiff competition from their Corsair and Razer Counterparts, but as always , they have delivered a high quality mechanical gaming keyboard that will keep their fans satisfied for years to come. It’s not difficult to justify the price it comes at once you think about the solid build quality and feel of the keyboard.

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