Review: Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S and L are the latest additions to the family of RGB keyboards. While we’ve seen a lot of RGB keyboards in the recent time, thanks to the competitive market, there has been a shortage of keyboards with Cherry MX RGB switches. Masterkeys Pro S and L both make use of these switches. We were lucky to get our hands on the Pro S, and here is the result. First and foremost, let’s talk about the appearance. Cooler master has chosen a simple, no nonsense look for the keyboard, the only thing different being that the Windows key has been replaced by one with a Cooler Master logo on it. We have to say, this look works for it. With the minimalistic design, the keyboard occupies the least possible space, and it also feels great to use. The RGB LEDs used for ba...

ROCCAT Extends Keyboard Range

Ultra-compact ROCCAT Suora to hit shelves in July German peripheral manufacturer ROCCAT today announces a brand new mechanical keyboard design aimed at gaming purists. The Suora’s frameless design channels its philosophy as a pure and efficient mechanical keyboard for no-frills gamers. Its robust, compact build with aluminum alloy housing provides a consistent, distraction-free platform. It features a unique build with an entirely frameless structure. No palm rest, no thick border, no thumb keys, and no unnecessary media keys – just high-quality, mechanical keys mounted on a durable plate. The key back-lighting in exclusive ROCCAT blue comes with a breathing effect and 11 brightness levels, with top notch lighting guaranteed. The raw design lets you get closer in touch with the action, for...

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