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Virtual Reality: The War For Exclusives

Virtual Reality: The War For Exclusives

Tech giants are spending more and more on securing exclusive content for their VR technologies, with Oculus catching a lot of heat for the Rift. But in an interview with TechCrunch during the E3 conference, Oculus co-founders Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell quickly pointed out that Sony is following a similar approach for the upcoming PS VR headset. “You see Sony investing in their content the same way,” they said. “They want to make things that take advantage of their features that they have in the best way possible.”

They’re not wrong. It makes sense for these companies to make sure that their platforms have the edge over the others. According to Luckey, this is how the VR industry will move forward for the time being. And while it may work for the developers behind these platforms, the community will surely have a tough time making a decision choosing from the multiple options.


“They are one in only a handful of companies in the world that have the resources that it will take to actually push a new platform like this and make it happen,” said Palmer Luckey. “They believed in VR, and they believed that it could be the next major computing platform. I’d say not many people, especially then, saw that vision. It seems so obvious now. We look around E3 and we say, ‘Oh, obviously, this is the next step.’ ”

Indeed, VR is the next destination for gaming. The only thing that needs to found out that how bringing this exclusive content strategy to the PC ecosystem. Personally, it’s a little disappointing, because some fans had hoped that with time, the exclusive content will deter and consoles will follow a more unified approach towards titles. But with the present approach towards exclusive VR content, we’re witnessing the PC model become a little similar to the console one. This may have proven to be successful for Sony and Microsoft, but whether the same will happen for the VR technology?


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On one hand we have these companies trying to acquire more and more exclusive content, while on the other hand, Valve co-founder and former Microsoft employee Gabe Newell is openly speaking out against these practices while affirming their own open approach towards the VR technology. The only thing that’s left to be found out is whether this strategy will be able to dominate the VR market, or we will have to soon start making the choices we did with the Xbox and PlayStation.

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