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Rajni Cricket Game Released

Rajni Cricket Game Released

What happens when you make the two loves of your country meet? We are talking about finger tip cricket shaking hands with mobile app technology sprinkled with the ooze of some good ol’ Bollywood star power ( oh! a dash of the very sauvé Rajni we mean).  What you get is this:  easy on the palate and equally scrumptious on your phone, ladies and gentlemen presenting to you from the house of Winjit Technologies, our very freshly minted mobile app: Rajni Cricket!

As the fevers climb escalating levels this summer with the Cricket World Cup scorching in closer, Winjit Technologies, synonymous with being a step ahead and having a pulse on the mobile gaming app world, is already padded, lined up and cheered with its one man army, ready to take cricket and concentration to the next level across the Android, iOS and Windows mobile platform.

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A very nifty and engrossing app, Rajni Cricket engages the user to play a game of concentrated cricket where the options allow him to choose between a 1, 3 and a 5 wicket match. The game has been designed and developed with making user mobile time smashingly fun and yet productive. A game of  Rajni Cricket not only entertains, but also  allows the user to see how  good  his timing is, allowing them to engage in some eye-hand coordination movement  while enabling them to smash boundaries and sixes the Rajni way.( True to his name, he won’t disappoint when the ball disappoints!).

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With a simple one touch control made interesting with creative and engaging graphics, Rajni Cricket has been designed with keeping  a real and yet quirky cricket experience in mind from user interactivity perspective. Enabled for android phones and tablets, rush! Because Rajni Cricket is a ticket you don’t want to just pass on to the next bystander. Eh. App finder!!

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The game is available on android, windows and iOS phones

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