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Best Cricket Games To Play On Your Phone

With The Cricket World Cup on in full swing in Australia and New Zealand, the cricket fever is getting high as ever with teams fighting for the coveted top spot. Cricket in India is big, that is not something you need me to tell you. It is one thing we learnt from the English and manage to play seemingly better than them which is pretty hilarious. Back in the day I used to play EA’s cricket game on my PC, which I used to play quite often, but now you can enjoy a similar experience on your phone or tablet. Anyway, if you are a die hard cricket fan, then you might be interested in this list of the best cricket games for android users.    Stick CricketThis game has come a long way, I’ve played Stick Cricket for many years and now it’s taken a step ahead with introducing this ...

Rajni Cricket Game Released

What happens when you make the two loves of your country meet? We are talking about finger tip cricket shaking hands with mobile app technology sprinkled with the ooze of some good ol’ Bollywood star power ( oh! a dash of the very sauvé Rajni we mean).  What you get is this:  easy on the palate and equally scrumptious on your phone, ladies and gentlemen presenting to you from the house of Winjit Technologies, our very freshly minted mobile app: Rajni Cricket! As the fevers climb escalating levels this summer with the Cricket World Cup scorching in closer, Winjit Technologies, synonymous with being a step ahead and having a pulse on the mobile gaming app world, is already padded, lined up and cheered with its one man army, ready to take cricket and concentration to the next level across the...

World Cricket Championship Review

I use the Delhi Metro to travel almost everyday to get to work and I spend most of the commute looking down at my phone. Whenever I do manage to get my eyes off my mobile phone screen I find almost every other person glued to their own phones. Its a big thing now this mobile gaming here in India. Its going to be huge, if already not. After having said that I am going to review one of the games that keeps a lot of the Indian population occupied– World Cricket Championship. This game is highly addictive as it caters to the needs of a hardcore gamer as well as of a casual gamer. I played the game on the iPad Mini, Moto G and Lumia 720. World Cricket Championship worked pretty seamlessly on all the devices. Its a fairly simple game to get a hang of. While batting you use your left thumb ...

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