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Best Cricket Games To Play On Your Phone

Best Cricket Games To Play On Your Phone

With The Cricket World Cup on in full swing in Australia and New Zealand, the cricket fever is getting high as ever with teams fighting for the coveted top spot. Cricket in India is big, that is not something you need me to tell you. It is one thing we learnt from the English and manage to play seemingly better than them which is pretty hilarious.

Back in the day I used to play EA’s cricket game on my PC, which I used to play quite often, but now you can enjoy a similar experience on your phone or tablet.
Anyway, if you are a die hard cricket fan, then you might be interested in this list of the best cricket games for android users.


  1.  Stick Cricketunnamed (2)This game has come a long way, I’ve played Stick Cricket for many years and now it’s taken a step ahead with introducing this to your mobile phone. The simple, plain graphics of this game has always seem to grab my attention like no other as it is a lot of fun and very addicting. This game is perhaps that only one that is a bit out of the box, let me explain. In many ways this game keeps up with the times, like in its latest update it pays respect to Phil Hughes.

    “R.I.P. HUGHESY: We’ve removed the hit wicket animation. As cricket lovers, we were absolutely gutted at the tragic loss of Phil Hughes. The head blow, part of Stick Cricket since its original launch, just simply wasn’t funny anymore. Quite the opposite, in fact. For this summer, we’ve added Phil to the All Stars. This is, after all, a man who reached his maiden Test ton with a glorious six over mid-wicket.”

  2. World Cricket Championship

    One game that really captures all the nuances of the sport in possibly the best possible manner. A fairly simple game that really simple to get a hold of. While batting you use your left thumb to position the batsman along the crease and once the position is locked in you can either choose to loft the shot and then pick the direction in which you want to hit the ball. The bowling isn’t that hard either. Before actually bowling you can set the position of the fielders. Then you have a meter on the left which indicates the speed of the delivery and once that is picked you can choose where to place the ball.

  3. Real Cricket 14

    Like if Marvel were to make a cricket game for phones, I’m quite certain it would look quite similar to this game. You can choose from 16 nations and 8 master teams to compete in this game. With a variety of modes to offer like T20 World Cup, Masters Cup and Knockout Cup. Also have the option of perfecting your skills in the nets and don’t miss the Super Over mode. This one is a must play!

  4. Rajni Cricket

    For those who aren’t full on hardcore fans of cricket and don’t mind other flavours of the country influencing your game, Rajni Cricket is the one for you to check out. It is slightly similar to the game we all must have played on miniclip called “defend the wicket.” With the same idea, this game adds the Rajnikanth twist to the game. You can chose from a 1,3 or 5 wicket game.

If there are some cricket games that you enjoy playing on your phone and were not mentioned in this list, do let me know in the comments below.

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