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World Cricket Championship Review

World Cricket Championship Review

I use the Delhi Metro to travel almost everyday to get to work and I spend most of the commute looking down at my phone. Whenever I do manage to get my eyes off my mobile phone screen I find almost every other person glued to their own phones. Its a big thing now this mobile gaming here in India. Its going to be huge, if already not.

After having said that I am going to review one of the games that keeps a lot of the Indian population occupied– World Cricket Championship. This game is highly addictive as it caters to the needs of a hardcore gamer as well as of a casual gamer. I played the game on the iPad Mini, Moto G and Lumia 720. World Cricket Championship worked pretty seamlessly on all the devices.


Its a fairly simple game to get a hang of. While batting you use your left thumb to position the batsman along the crease and once the position is locked in you can either choose to loft the shot and then pick the direction in which you want to hit the ball or simply swipe your finger across the screen to hit a grounded shot. And once a shot is hit, an option for running pops up.

The bowling part isn’t that hard either. Before actually bowling you can set the position of the fielders. Then you have a meter on the left which indicates the speed of the delivery and once that is picked you can choose where to place the ball. The games reflects nuances of the sport, stuff like no balls, free hits etc.   

The game features three modes–

World Cricket Championship (tournament): Two groups play simultaneously though you only confront the team from the other group at the quarter final level.

World Premier League:  Choose 10 participating team and choose the team you want to play for from them.  However you’d have to note that in the Tournament mode, you can also play a match in which your team is not participating.

Super Fantasy Cricket League: Throw fire balls, make your opponent grow small, freeze or better, turn them into zombies!
Note: In the Tournament mode, you can also play a match in which your team is not participating.


There are two versions of the game–Lite and Pro. There is no considerable difference between the two in terms of gameplay and fluidity but there is the blatant and quite obvious change in terms of advertisements. Since Pro is a paid version of the game, you are free to play without having to be bothered by those little notifications of the top of your screen. But its a small price to pay for a game that you get for free (talking to the Lite users of course)

Feel the stadium come alive with high quality graphics, professional commentary and a team that you create with your friends. Invite your friends and challenge them to better your score with the awesome asynchronous multiplayer mode!


The game is availabe on Google Play Store, Windows Marketplace and App Store

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