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Some PS4 Games Are So Bad Even Steam Stays Away From Them

Some PS4 Games Are So Bad Even Steam Stays Away From Them

Consoles were known for their curated games and digital stores that used to have standards. And sure, they’ve learned some valuable lessons from the biggest online storefront when it comes to Video Games, ie Steam. However, it seems that Sony has also picked up a few bad lessons along the way. Lately there has been a surge of asset flips, broken games, and games with barely any content in them. There are even a few games on the PSN store that are so bad, they couldn’t even get through Steam Greenlight.

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Recently Jim Sterling put out a video where he takes the audience through some of the worst games on the PSN Store and he highlighted how some of these games are being officially promoted by Sony on their YouTube channel and being given the spotlight on the store page. Life of Black Tiger is a notorious example of either a lousy curation system or Sony actually not giving a fuck. This is absolutely unacceptable, because unlike Steam, Sony actually charges for their online services (which actually went up in price recently) and they absolutely should be running a tighter ship when it comes to these games ending up on their store.

What’e even worse is that these games are taking up space where good games could’ve been highlighted. Oh, it’s an insult to games like Uncharted, Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn to have these cheap rip offs being put right next to them.

So lets take a closer look at some of the worst games on the Playstation Store that are available for the PS4:

Life of Black Tiger

Life of Black Tiger is an interactive adventure story game is set in jungle, field, and forest surroundings. Too bad it’s also set in the PS4.

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine is an open-world RPG that takes place in the Canadian Maritimes in 2048. Some would ask why it’s even taking place, but Sony begs to differ. Also, this game failed to clear Steam Greenlight, but Sony deemed it worthy of the power of the Playstation.


BRIKS is classic arcade game with visually stunning animated characters, explosions, powerups, exciting game play and custom music. I can’t deny the anime tiddies, but c’mon!

Spear of Destiny

This fantastic ancient world has been Invaded by powerful enemies who rule in the dark. And so has the PS4 console.

Horse Racing 2016

Horse Racing 2016 is most Fabulous and Entertaining Game for Everyone. It’s free on android, but PS4 is the world’s most powerful console, so let’s shell out some money.

Firefighters The Simulation

Buildings ablaze, people screaming and flames shooting several feet high! This is for the players!

Deer Simulator

Beware, hunters and coyotes are waiting for the opportunity to end your quest for huge antlers.

1000 Top Rated

How would you like to win a platinum trophy in just one hour? Sounds fantastic.

Well, Sony has clearly proven that the PS4 is definitely for the players. Here’s to seeing the PSN store get absolutely trashed by the multitudes of games that are seemingly slipping past Sony’s curatory.

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