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No Man’s Sky Was A Mistake?

No Man’s Sky Was A Mistake?

No Man’s Sky Developer Hello Games twitter account was alleged hacked. Hello Games, studio behind No man’s sky tweeted No Man’s Sky was a mistake”. These tweet seem to have come from a fed up employee.


Some followers noted that this tweet was posted via Sean’s Murray’s account. Shortly then Hello Games account was sent to private and now it accessible publicly.

When people asked to comment about “mistake” tweet, a representative from Hello Games told Forbes via email that “a disgruntled employee” wrote it and the studio was currently trying to sort the issue.

Sean Murray’ then posted on Twitter saying that the  “server was hacked” and that “if anything was a mistake, it was using LinkedIn without [two-factor authentication]”

Murray’s account later tweeted asking HelloGames is they were still hacked, and Hello Games Responded with “100% not hacked anymore… obviously those mails and that tweet were fake. Back to work.”

The last tweet from the Hello Games account came on September 23, while Murray’s account had been inactive since August 18.

No Man’s Sky launched on PS4 on August 9 and on PC on August 12.

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