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The New Nemesis System Revealed In Shadow Of War Trailer

The New Nemesis System Revealed In Shadow Of War Trailer

Monolith has released a new gameplay trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow of War, that explains the new Nemesis system in a little more detail.

For the uninitiated, the Nemesis system was introduced in Shadow of Mordor and was a way of keeping a track of the player’s actions in battle. Should you fail to kill an enemy, or worse, fall prey to him, that foe would be promoted and become more powerful. Not only this, but the next time you went to fight them, they would even reference the previous fight and your failure.

The new Nemesis system in Shadow of War expands upon the original one, extending to buildings and fortresses. In order to capture a fortress, you must weaken it by taking out some of the key generals/war chiefs before you can actually take down the overlord. The overlord’s tribe would affect the surroundings of the fortress as well, as you can see in the banners and monuments spreading the tribe’s influence. You can also destroy said monuments to reduce the influence of the overlord. Additionally, you can raise an army of your own to battle against the overlord’s troops. Once the fortress is captured, you can then promote one of your own generals and make them the overlord. The banners and the monuments would then reflect your tribe’s influence, affecting the immediate surroundings and outposts.

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