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Why Are College Kids Crazy For Mini Militia?

Why Are College Kids Crazy For Mini Militia?

Just about six months ago I was staying in the YMCA boys hostel in Bombay. As you would imagine, gaming was a huge deal with the guys. At night you would have guys all move up to the third floor and pull off all-nighters playing some of their favorite games. While there were hardcore PC gamers, there were also a bunch of us who played games on our phones. Bomb Squad was one such game take we could play at any time during the day, be it in our rooms or even in the mess, just whip out your phone and set up a local game for everybody to join.

However, off late there is another game that takes the multiplayer prize. Mini Militia is the new game on the block that has gamers glued to their phone screens. The game is best described as the lovechild of teeworlds and Counter-Strike. From the outset, it doesn’t look very appealing and seems like a game made for smaller children.

The game comprises of small maps, which are easy to get around on with your jet pack boots. You have an assortment of firearm like rail guns, machine guns, shotguns as well as other weapons like grenades and melee weapons to choose from. The dual stick controls for moving and shooting take a little getting used to.

Here are three reasons why you should probably give this game a shot (yes it was intended)

Multiplayer Mode


The seamless multiplayer is what makes this game so much fun. Players can join the same game on local Wi-Fi or bluetooth set up on any one device. With the capacity of hosting 6 gamers at once, you and your friends can experience intense multiplayer combat. The campaign mode is really useless and I suggest you don’t bother getting into it, unless you want to get a hang of the controls. In the game you fly around in what look like the same boots that Iron-Man uses to get from place to place. Flying around in those jet pack shoes is a bit tricky and compromises on accuracy. But that really is where things get fun, when you accidentally overshoot a landing and fall right in the path of a well time grenade!

Small Maps


The game does not have any large maps for gamers to pick. This move is smart and probably the reason why people are so addicted to the game. Respawning in close proximity ensures action packed encounters. This is where I believe the developers played it smart, making sure the users do not get even a second to look away from their screens. Quite frankly it would suck if you spend more time traversing a large map than actually fending off your opponents. Also you get quite a kick when you and your friends respawn at the exact same spot.

Cartoonish Graphics


The cartoonish graphics is both a pro and a con for the game. As mentioned before the graphics do make it look like it is meant for smaller children and can be the reason some choose not to install the game. However it is these graphics that allow online and LAN games to be seamless and fun. With mobile games becoming graphic intensive, one would imagine that the best gaming experience would lie in a heavier game. But Mini Militia proves the opposite with it’s cartoonish graphics. This allows most phones to run this game, making sure everyone can take part in the fun.

Appsomniacs really hit that sweet-spot with this game. Walk through a college hall and you will find groups of students all playing Mini Militia and that is precisely what a game developer wants. I think it’ll take some time before another game comes along and steals this game’s thunder.

Are there other reasons why you think this game should be played by more people? Do let me know in the comments below.

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