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The Greatest Giveaway Ever Given Away: GamDias Ares V2 Essentials Combo

The Greatest Giveaway Ever Given Away: GamDias Ares V2 Essentials Combo

Us generous Overlords at Gaming Central want to giveaway some kickass hardware, specially to get rid of that excessive black money!

Join us on Monday for the giveaway.

Click here to participate in the Giveaway.

Rules are simple:

  1. Answer the question asked.
  2. Giveaway starts 21 Nov 2016 and ends 28 Nov 2016.
  3. One Winner will be chosen by the Gaming Central staff.
  4. Be respectful of others.

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  1. Agent 47 from Hitman
    Silent Assassin
    And obviously the most smartest character

  2. Ezio’s story is more interesting than any of these characters in the top ten. Mario’s story is about fighting a giant turtle on steroids, links is about saving a princess (cliché), Sonics is about running or something? Master Chiefs story is really good, but it still can’t compare to the depth and emotion of Ezios. I don’t even know what a Solid Snake is, and Lara Croft is just known for being the girl on Tomb Raider. The thing that sets Ezio apart from these other characters, is the pain that he feels throughout his journey. His emotions in Florence when he witnesses his father and two brothers are hung are unmatched with the other characters. Then the transformation from cunning teenager to master Assassin is one that I’ll personally never forget. Ezio Auditore the Firenze is without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest video game character in video game history.

  3. My favourite character has to be Geralt of Rivia undoubtedly because witcher 3 was truly an amazing experience not just because of stunning graphics & gameplay but also for its amazing characters involved.

  4. My favourite character will always be Captain Soap MacTavish from the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series. The love for him is endless for me. While playing through the series a bond was created. He is also a saviour. I also like his British accent and he aslo looks very cool and hardcore with his hair style. But after all this when he died, it was a very unexpected and a sad moment. His last words “Price you need to know Makarov knows Yuri.” He will always be in every gamer’s hearts.

  5. My favorite character is Duke Nukem. I loved his attitude and style in the original game. It was like having an eighties action star in a video game.


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