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Left 4 Dead: The Movie Is Coming Soon To Theaters

Left 4 Dead: The Movie Is Coming Soon To Theaters

It’s time to rejoice for all the fans who spent their nights with friends fighting the zombie hordes, getting raped by chargers, ridden by jockeys, puked on by spitters and one hit KO-ed buy the wretched, notorious witch. The loved co-op zombie survival game Left 4 Dead is getting its own movie, and very soon. After spending a long time is gestation, the project is finally complete and has a release date of 10 September 2016.

Here’s what director Daniele Belucci has to say, “There are also a couple of more reasons I’m writing down these few lines. The first one is my strong will to thank every single person out there to have followed and supported us during these years. You have been the strongest reason for us to go further into this project and never gave up! At the time we started talking about this movie we decided to show our intentions online due to the fact that, if some feedback would have came from the web, it would have served for sure as a reason strong enough to push the project ahead, and this is exactly what happened! We started on a blog that gone lost after the blog platform closed, then we moved to the Facebook page you all know, and there the community started growing beyond what we ever imagined! Counting more than half a million fans today is something we never imagined to achieve in the very beginning. Not to mention the people who donated something to us during the indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns and on the site, their donations were key to support our expenses during the shooting stage. So my first thought is for you, every single you, that made this possible just by following us on the first Splinder Blog, on the Facebook page and, lastly, on our official site!

Sincerely, thank you for have grown together with us and for being part of our great community!

As second I wanted to clarify why the movie took so long to be completed, but in the end, it’s been explained several times yet and I think at this point it doesn’t matter so much anymore, so just think at the fact that without money and without paying people to get work done, time expand no matter what you do. This is always been a no profit project for obvious reasons, and as consequence we weren’t able to raise a proper budget, so we had to deal with everyone’s life, work, family that in many cases came first than the movie. We had to put together almost 15-20 people to shoot every time, and it wasn’t always possible. We needed actors that looked like the survivors from the game and it took long to find them out. Also, we almost reboot the works in 2012 due to the fact that 3 out of 4 actors left the project due to personal reasons.
After the shooting stage, we all thought that the hardest part of the project was behind us, but we were wrong. Postproduction was heavy, a 45 minutes long movie, with lots of effects to add, not to mention the CG, is a dark beast to fight, especially if people can’t work on it full time.”

You can read the full message on the studio’s official website. Check out the teaser trailer below!


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