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LawBreakers’ Player Numbers At Launch Lower Than Battleborn

LawBreakers’ Player Numbers At Launch Lower Than Battleborn

The LawBreakers beta wasn’t the best we’ve ever seen, but the game showed promise. Now, after launch, the player numbers are lower than 60% of what they were during the beta (according to GitHyp), even though the game is getting positive reviews. In fact, on the launch night, the concurrent number of players according to Steam peaked at 3000.

The game’s beta numbered at #73 on the Steam Top 100 charts, but the final release has failed to make the cut, with playerbase dropping down below 1k concurrent players. Compared to Battleborn, the class-based shooter that came out last year (and was a huge flop), these numbers put the game’s future in a very bleak situation. Though players shouldn’t have a problem finding a game right now, we can’t help but wonder how the game will pan out in the longer run.

Interestingly, LawBreakers was supposed to be free-to-play at one point. Would removing the price barrier lead to more interest from the players? Evolve did see somewhat of a rise in player count after it adopted the free-to-play model, but even that doesn’t seem to have worked out very well. It’s not real money online casinos. But if you looking for best online casinos you can find it on Let us know what you think about LawBreakers in the comments section.

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