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Super Cloudbuilt – Review

Super Cloudbuilt – Review

When it first released in 2014, Cloudbuilt was a fast paced 3D platformer that emphasized on freedom, precision, open level design and parkour. Sadly, even though it got critical acclaim, it never garnered the mass appeal that it deserved. However, Super Cloudbuilt is a superb remaster of the original, and makes substantial improvements and additions to it.

Developed and published by Cloud Eleven, Super Cloudbuilt is a beautiful looking free running game where you play as Demi who finds herself in a strange new world. She has no memory of where she is or how she got here, and as you progress through the game you keep unlocking new information about her. While the story is lean and clearly not the focus of the game, it is fascinating enough to keep you engaged. Most of the appeal comes from the strange place she is in, and you will want to know more about the character and the world she is in.

The cel-shaded art style adds to the visual appeal, and makes it stand apart from most other platformers. The desolate environments and ruined buildings add mystery and intrigue to the place. It’s not all desolate though, and for the most part you’ll be moving pretty fast getting from one place to the other.

The gameplay is the strongest part of Super Cloudbuilt and there’s tons of it. You’re required to move at fast speeds across cleverly designed platforming sections, while trying to avoid or take down enemies and obstacles. Super Cloudbuilt absolutely succeeds at delivering a compelling and challenging platforming experience. Your rocket powered exo-suit allows you to dash, wallrun and pull off deadly jumps and it all flows smoothly thanks to the tight parkour mechanics. What’s even better is that there’s no single set path you need to take to reach the objective, instead you are given multiple routes and you can choose how you wish to complete the level. You can either speedrun and aim for high leaderboard scores or go slow and try to get all collectibles. Both ways are immensely satisfying and enjoyable, since exploration and speedy traversal are both rewarded equally.

Enemy encounters are also just as enjoyable as Super Cloudbuilt never forces you to slow down. Instead, the combat is also a fast paced affair as you can keep moving while taking down enemy robots and getting past obstacles that inflict damage. There are some frustrating moments where the controls don’t do exactly what you want them to, but such moments are far and few between, and with everything that Super Cloudbuilt has going for it, it’s hard to complain. You only have a single weapon, but it can fire different shots, depending on the situation.

Once you’ve run through the story, you unlock the Ranked and Rush mode. Ranked mode focuses on finishing levels in the shortest time, while Rush mode gives you certain conditions to meet while completing levels. Leaderboards are robust and it’s really addictive trying to beat the best score and seeing your name up there. Add to the all the numerous challenges, unlocking new outfits and finding collectibles, and Super Cloudbuilt is easy to recommend to any one who enjoys platformers.

With it’s beautiful cel-shaded art style, fast and frantic gameplay, Super Cloudbuilt is an absolute blast. While there are some minor control issues, the game’s mechanics are really solid for the most part, and can easily keep you playing for hours trying to perfect runs across levels.

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Super Cloudbuilt

Super Cloudbuilt









          Fun Quotient



            • Beautiful Art Style
            • Fast & Frantic Free Running Gameplay
            • Interesting Story
            • Excellent Level Design


            • Minor Control Issues

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