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Homefront: The Revolution Gets Its First DLC, The Voice Of Freedom

Homefront: The Revolution Gets Its First DLC, The Voice Of Freedom

Let’s face it, Homefront: The Revolution was not exactly a great game. Dull story, choppy gameplay and a whole world of bugs that rendered the game unplayable were just some of the things that botched our experience of the game (read the full review here, please).

However, a performance patch was released earlier in September (took them only 3 months) which is said to take care of most of the major bugs. Additionally, the first singleplayer DLC is now live, hoping to make the rebellion against the North Koreans a bit more interesting.

Titled The Voice of Freedom, the DLC lets you play as Benjamin Walker, the most wanted man in America and a hero to the Resistance, with your aim being infiltrating Philadelphia and kindle a revolution that frees America from the KPA in a wave of bloody rebellion. You’ll also get to live the past with Jack Parrish’s resistance cell, and face the dangerous street gang of the Philadelphia subways, known as the “90”

The Voice of Freedom is included in the Homefront: The Revolution season pass. You can also buy the DLC separately on Steam for USD 6.00. New outfits for the game’s Resistance Mode will be released on 30th September, including an Urban Combat Outfit, a Black and White mask, a Gunshot mask, and a Cobweb mask.

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