voice of freedom

Homefront: The Revolution Gets Its First DLC, The Voice Of Freedom

Let’s face it, Homefront: The Revolution was not exactly a great game. Dull story, choppy gameplay and a whole world of bugs that rendered the game unplayable were just some of the things that botched our experience of the game (read the full review here, please). However, a performance patch was released earlier in September (took them only 3 months) which is said to take care of most of the major bugs. Additionally, the first singleplayer DLC is now live, hoping to make the rebellion against the North Koreans a bit more interesting. Titled The Voice of Freedom, the DLC lets you play as Benjamin Walker, the most wanted man in America and a hero to the Resistance, with your aim being infiltrating Philadelphia and kindle a revolution that frees America from the KPA in a wave of bloody...

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