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Here’s Why You Should Buy The PS4 Pro Instead Of The Xbox One X

Here’s Why You Should Buy The PS4 Pro Instead Of The Xbox One X

With the Xbox One X about to release in just a few months, many of you might be wondering if it will be worth buying. Many are confused how to choose between the PS4 Pro, The Xbox One X or if they should just buy a new PC. If it were between the Xbox One X and the PC, then the answer is rather simple – just get a PC, since all Xbox One exclusives will also be available on the PC. However, choosing between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X can be tricky, and here’s why we feel that ultimately the PS4/PS4 Pro is the better choice.

Exclusive Games

There’s no denying that the PS4 has a much larger library of games, specially when it comes to great exclusives. Just look at the image below:

PS4 exclusives vastly outnumber Xbox One exclusives, and they’ve got more exciting games coming along soon. Only this year Sony had incredible titles like Yakuza Zero, Horizon: Zero Dawn and the recent Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Price Factor

The Xbox One X is significantly more expensive that the PS4 pro, and to take full advantage of either system you need a 4K TV with HDR capabilities, which adds to the cost.

Nothing To Look Forward To

Even with the lack of current exclusives, I would be interested in getting the Xbox One X if it had some great titles coming along next year. Crackdown does not look as interesting from what I have seen of it, and they’ve cancelled Scalebound – the only Xbox One exclusives that had gamers really excited in along time. If all they intend to bring out are more Halo and Gears, I really don’t feel compelled to invest in their console any time soon.

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  1. This site is sony fanboys, all articles are just about how they hate evrything about X

  2. Here is why you should buy Xbox rather than the Pro
    More powerful
    Built in 4K blue ray player
    Backardward compatible game 360 titles
    Games look and play better

  3. Yeah I just don’t know because i’m gluten free so I don’t think I could buy a cow…


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