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At This Point, Neither Valve Nor Gamers Know What They Want From Half Life 3

At This Point, Neither Valve Nor Gamers Know What They Want From Half Life 3

Half-Life 3, a name that needs no introduction. It’s probably the most anticipated game of all time, and though Valve doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring it to life, that doesn’t stop the the hype. But according to Marc Laidlaw, the series writer, even if Half-Life 3 had been released, it’s unlikely that it would’ve provided the closure that everyone seems to be looking for.

Speaking to Arcade Attack, when asked whether Half-Life 3 would be released, Laidlow said, “No idea.” He also confirmed that he wouldn’t be returning to Valve even if the game returned to active development. He continues, “I had ideas for Episode 3. They were all supposed to take the series to a point where I could step away from it and leave it to the next generation. I had hoped for a reset between HL2 and HL3 that was as dramatic as the shift between HL1 and HL2. I honestly don’t know if anyone else shared this goal, but it seemed important to me to give ultimate freedom to whoever inherited the series, with my own personal set of loose ends tied up to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, I was not able to do that. But I never thought as far ahead as HL3, unless you were to say that HL3 and Episode 3 were the same thing. I will say that I expected every installment would end without resolution, forever and ever…”

Those who expected that the next Half-Life title would at least provide an ending to Gordon Freeman’s story would be disappointed too. Laidlow said, “There was some rumor going around that Ep3 or HL3 would end Gordon Freeman’s story, and I don’t think that was accurate. My intention was that Ep3 would simply tie up the plot threads that were particular to HL2. But it would still end like HL1 and HL2, with Gordon in an indeterminate space, on hold, waiting for the next game to begin. So one cliffhanger after another.”

So, that’s it. Even if Half-Life 3 were to be released, it would only lead to a greater yearning for more games in the series. Maybe it’s a good thing, that we haven’t seen any news of a new Half-Life title? After all, too much of something really good can turn out to be bad.

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