Half Life 3 Release Date

At This Point, Neither Valve Nor Gamers Know What They Want From Half Life 3

Half-Life 3, a name that needs no introduction. It’s probably the most anticipated game of all time, and though Valve doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring it to life, that doesn’t stop the the hype. But according to Marc Laidlaw, the series writer, even if Half-Life 3 had been released, it’s unlikely that it would’ve provided the closure that everyone seems to be looking for. [interaction id=”5971993b7ea93a275889e2f0″] Speaking to Arcade Attack, when asked whether Half-Life 3 would be released, Laidlow said, “No idea.” He also confirmed that he wouldn’t be returning to Valve even if the game returned to active development. He continues, “I had ideas for Episode 3. They were all supposed to take the series to a point where...

Ubisoft on Half LIfe 3– “No Idea When it Will Be Out”

Let us take a moment to commend those Half Life 3 supporters that have literally had to wait a lifetime and probably more at this rate. They just don’t seem to want to give up at all–even though chances are that the game may not even come out in their lifetime. Some supporters took to the official Watch Dogs Facebook page asking when Half Life 3 will be out….no seriously, they did! It does sound pretty funny but you can feel for those guys who want nothing more than a few answers. I mean it has been quite a while, and now Ubisoft is part-taking in the fun by simply replying “we have no idea when Half Life 3 will be out. If you find out, let us know.” Really loved how they’ve taken everything in their stride! What do you’ll think is the future to this game, wil...

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