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God of War PC mod lets you play as Atreus

God of War PC mod lets you play as Atreus

Another PC mod for God of War intends to make Kratos’ bolt using child, Atreus, a playable person. In any case, it will probably be some time before he’s however deft as he may be in the game’s finale.

Modder Speclizer posted a video on YouTube yesterday showing a playable Atreus in real life. In the 2018 God of War game, Atreus helped Kratos by shooting bolts at foes while his Dad of War hacked and sliced his di rection through the rest, similar as Ellie with Joel in The Last of Us.

Nonetheless, Kratos becomes truant dad in this mod while Atreus becomes the dominant focal point assuming any semblance of monster savages, flying evil presences, and the baffling Baldur by his desolate.
This isn’t Speclizer’s first God of War mod. The modder recently made a first-individual mod for the honor winning title.

Already a PS4 restrictive, God of War appeared on PC in January, and it’s fostered a touch of modding scene. As proven by the game’s Nexus Mods page, a large number of the game’s mods are reskins of the game’s different weapons – or even Kratos himself – to match weapon or character plans seen in past God of War games.

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