Best Free PC Games To Play In 2021

Recall purchasing games on discs, taking them home, introducing them at the shockingly sluggish speed of a laser taking as much time as is needed to peruse a CD-ROM, and afterward understanding the game wasn’t even awesome? Golly—happy that is completely finished with. We can purchase games and download them several ticks, yet we can likewise evaluate heaps of games today free of charge, and the greater part of them are anxious to keep us playing for months or a long time on end. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to be a PC gamer. Particularly a thrifty one.Observing free PC games to play is a snap. The crucial step is choosing what to really dedicate your chance to. We have some exhortation on which free PC games merit playing, from free works of art to modest squanderers to m...

New on Consoles December 8th – Cyberpunk Horror Transient: Extended Edition

Lovecraftian Adventure from the Developers of Conarium Launches on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developers Stormling Studios are excited to announce that Transient is releasing on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 8th! From the creators of CONARIUM and the DARKNESS WITHIN series, TRANSIENT is a Lovecraftian Cyberpunk thriller. Experience the game like never before in the EXTENDED EDITION. This release includes additional gameplay, a brand-new ending and an assortment of quality of life improvements – also available to PC players on Steam via a free update to the 2020 release.Presented in stunning 4K resolution, this ultimate release includes HDR support, additional achievements, multiple saves and enhanced controller a...

Warner Bros. Games Makes MultiVersus official, Featuring Batman

Warner Bros’ has finally uncovered ‘MultiVersus’, a crossover fighter platform that includes a few playable characters from their reserved properties. The game is planned to release at some point in 2022 and will be allowed to download on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC. The game is comparable in style to Nintendo’s ‘Smash Bros’ and highlights a notorious rundown of characters from WB movies, shows, and funnies. Up until this point, the program incorporates 13 bosses going from Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), and then some. Each character will be furnished with a novel arrangement of capacities, for example, smoke bombs for Batman, frosty breath f...

Eximius Ventures Announces the Most Happening Gaming Event in India: The Gaming Lounge 2021

Eximius Ventures, a micro VC investing in pre-seed-stage startups, will organize ‘The Gaming Lounge 2021’ on 8th and 9th of December 2021, an international virtual gaming event, featuring three keynote sessions, six panels, a BGMI match, and a Gaming PitchFest for early-stage gaming startups. The six panel sessions will be on trending topics in gaming including cryptos, NFTs and esports. The virtual gaming event will have 30+ speakers from over four countries. Delhi, India 3 keynote sessions featuring Nitish Mittersain of Nazara, Rajan Navani of JetSynthesys and Eitan Reisel of VGames. 6 panel sessions on trending topics in gaming including cryptos, NFTs and esports 30+ speakers from 4+ countries Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) exhibition match for a total prize pool of Rs. 4 lakhs PitchF...

Asiasoft, ‘Audition IP’ enters Indian market for the first time

“Club Audition India” is now Available on Early Access in Playstore! The national mobile rhythm action game “Club Audition India” has now entered the Indian market.  Date, 16th November 2021: Hanbitsoft announced that the company has signed a contract to introduce the Club Audition to the Indian market in the first half of the year through Asiasoft, company’s Southeast Asian partner. This is the company’s first time to enter the Indian market with ‘Audition IP’. Club Audition is the first mobile game that inherits the IP of the PC Online rhythm action game ‘Audition’. It includes not only original Audition song sources, but also various music including popular local songs, various fashion items and easy gameplay including ‘Dance battle’ that ...

PUBG New State – Review

Krafton’s PUBG Mobile is here! Krafton has made some enormous cases about PUBG New State, promising further developed illustrations and interactivity that can measure up to PUBG PC. With intense cases like these, PUBG New State had a great deal to satisfy. The game is set in the year 2051, with advanced components in the interactivity. Tragically, the game’s released was bungled because of somewhat late server issues and a plenty of bugs in the game, which deferred the dispatch by two hours. In case that wasn’t a sufficient mess up, there are reports of Android telephones getting bricked while playing PUBG New State. PUBG New State runs well now despite the fact that it has a couple of bugs. Futuristic Battle Royale PUBG New State is set in 2051, which sets out some essen...

PUBG: New State Release Date Confirmed, Here’s What To Expect From The Game

PUBG: New State is among the most expected versatile game in 2021. The game developers have redone the game illustrations from the beginning and added another arrangement of arms stockpile without compromising the centre sensation of PUBG Mobile.After the PUBG: Mobile ban, fans have been searching for options in contrast to their beloved Battle Royale title. In India, Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI in short have had the spot for PUBG: Mobile ,still many fans are anticipating PUBG: New State. The developers declared that the game has crossed 50 million pre-enrollments. As indicated by the sources, PUBG: New State is set in an advanced existence where the economy is declining, the populace is isolated, and players need to battle for endurance. The game is set to release on November 11, 2...

ESPORTS’ stars Scout and Mavi are not a part of team SouL anymore

With the release of BGMI earlier this year, there has been a consistent development in the game’s esports scene. The fans had the option to observe energizing activity in the different competitions that have occurred all through the beyond couple of months.Esports team SouL, which is among the prominent teams in the nation, uncovered its arrangement back in July. The team consisted of the following players : Mortal Viper Regaltos ScoutOP Mavi Now, Mortal, one of the oldest and players of the team in one of his recent live streams disclosed that Scout and Mavi aren’t part of the team anymore and a new team SouL will be formed with mutual decisions so that every player is able to to perform to their fullest potential. However, this isn’t due to any personal reasons but beca...

Android / iOS Dragalia Lost Review Spoiler Free Before you start!

Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s next venture into the mobile gaming market is set to be a certain hit, or is it? Before you start discovering the kingdom of Alberia, be sure to check my review and initial impressions and let me know your thoughts down in the comments section! Please be sure to follow me on Twitter, as I cover all the latest and greatest in the world of video gaming on the Nintendo Switch through reviews, previews, unboxings, giveaways, and let’s stay in touch! NintendoKid @ Twitter Tweets by davetenhoope NintendoKid @ WordPress NintendoKid @ Instagram NintendoKid @ NintendoKid @ Weibo

Have You Met: NBA Playgrounds

If you dream of pulling off the sickest crossovers, breaking ankles, and slamming dunks, NBA Playgrounds is your jam! Are you tired of being alone and lonely? Do you stay up late at night, in bed looking up at the ceiling? Fear not! We’re here to hook you up! With Video Games!! Welcome to “Have You Met”, where we check out new and interesting games, and give our opinions about them. Yeah, we’re lonely too.. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.  

Quake Champions ‘Anarki’ Champion Trailer

Among the tough warriors and alien conquerors inhabiting the Dreamlands, Anarki sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s tough to keep up with the transhuman punk when he’s crusing trails around the Arena on his hoverboard, but his speed is just one of the things that allow him to compete on the same level as Champions like Nyx and Scalebearer. Anarki is one of the Champions you’ll be able to try out during the Closed Beta.     I just love the concept of this character. You guys saw that at 0:24, right? Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Counter Strike Source Multiplayer Gameplay | PC Ultra Settings 1080p | Gaming Central

Time to kick some ass! Or get ours kicked. Let’s see how it goes. We’re playing Counter Strike. Find more on our Website:: Be sure to follow us all over social media. We love attention! YouTube:: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram :: Want to know us better? Follow us on Twitter!

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