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Dishonored 2 Cracked, But Controversy Arises?!

Dishonored 2 Cracked, But Controversy Arises?!

After 207 days Dishonored 2 has finally been cracked by a group known as STEAMPUNKS making them one of the first people to bypass Denuvo V3 besides CPY.  This new way of getting past Denuvo uses a keygen which generates a license key so that the game launches making it playable. This is not a crack per-say but is another way of bypassing Denuvo .  However people are staying away from this as the files that to the bypassing have a really high amount of protection due to which it is unknown if it contains any malware.

Proof of the game being cracked.

A member of the scene going by the name of “machine4578”  says this release should get nuked for breaking scene rules, specifically releasing it pre-cracked, as opposed to having people copy the crack in or have to manually set it to copy the crack. So it may be nuked, but not because it doesn’t work or is malware. This crack is leading to a lot of controversy within the scene itself but I’m sure pirates are happy that they can finally play this game.

For more information regarding this crack click here.

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