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The Death Of Mass Effect

The Death Of Mass Effect

Mass Effect was a great franchise with a memorable cast of characters and an impactful gameplay. A great franchise; up until Mass Effect Andromeda, a great franchise.

Andromeda messed up with the franchise, partly due to ugly and unprofessional animation, memorable characters and partly due to internal business strategies. The demise of Mass Effect can be briefly divided into two parts and I shall go over all of this one by one.

An experienced Studio and Team: Andromeda was a great game if compared to itself, but when compared to its history and the modern rival titles, it wasn’t up to the mark. The main reason behind this was that Bioware Montreal, the studio behind Andromeda, was a support studio that handled DLC for previous Mass Effects. They couldn’t deliver up to the hype with Andromeda and thus, were merged with EA’s Motive Studios in August 2017.

The shift of EA’s interest: EA is a big publisher that concerns itself majorly with profit, and why shouldn’t it? EA is shifting its focus to multiplayer games as a service and Anthem, the upcoming video game by EA Bioware is just the sort of title that is required to bring about this change.  Hence, EA merged Bioware Montreal with EA Motive to develop Anthem.

All great things must come to an end, a sweet or a bitter one nonetheless. If Mass Effect had ended with Commander Shepard, it would have acquired an irreplaceable place in our heart. But with Mass Effect, all we’ve got is memes that aren’t even funny. Sad.

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