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The Most Annoying Features In Modern Video Games That Gamers Hate

The Most Annoying Features In Modern Video Games That Gamers Hate

In the modern era, video games have evolved from aimlessly running around and shooting hideously disfigured creatures. I believe that they have become the most immersive forms of entertainment and storytelling in the modern age. You can even do things in video games that you can’t even do in real life like brutally killing a mob as their blood drenches your thirst, exploring beautiful and remote sights on a horseback and talking to girls.

However realistic and beautiful they may be, all of them have deemed to have some or the other of these annoying features which ruin your experience. Here are some of the most annoying features in modern video games.

Meaningless Side Quests

It isn’t that I do not enjoy being a Witcher and once in awhile recover a rusted old frying pan for an old lady. But it is quite annoying when I have to do such chores a quite too often. There are many open world games out there which offer you ridiculously meaningless quests to elongate your playtime. But the quest I mentioned previously wasn’t meaningless at all, that pan was in the lady’s family for years and it would be a shame on a Witcher’s face to not help those in distress.

The Continued Rise Of Loot Boxes

Whether you love them or hate them (probably the latter), loot boxes are becoming an integral part of the modern video games and there is no end in sight.  In some games, Loot Boxes just provide cosmetic items, like Overwatch, while in others, they can be considered pay-to-win.

Always-Online, Always!

It is quite obvious that one needs to be online when playing multiplayer games, seems legit. But why on Earth do I have to be connected to the internet when I’m playing a single player game which doesn’t even have a multiplayer aspect.

The Grind Is Real

Now, if you have been reading my content, it must be evident by now that I do not like a challenge or grind at all. Grinding could be seen as a way to bolster the number of hours required to complete a game. Masses are often divided on this, but I have chosen my side.

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