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Can The Surge Truly Deliver A Sci-Fi Dark Souls Experience?

Can The Surge Truly Deliver A Sci-Fi Dark Souls Experience?

Deck13, the developer behind 2014’s Souls-like Lords Of The Fallen, are working on a new action RPG called The Surge. Early footage of The Surge shows its clear inspiration from the Souls series, but with some key changes and additions.

To start, it is not a medieval combat based game, but is a set in a futuristic period where the technology that we had come to rely on is now working against us. Global warming and ecological problems have advanced to crisis levels. Early concept art for the game gives the vibe of a technologically advanced world in ruins. The world consists of human and non-human entities, both outfitted with enhanced that give them powers beyond their natural capabilities.

You will play as a survivor, an average Joe, with an industrial grade exoskeleton which is not built for combat. As you come across enemies and fight them, you will accrue upgrades which then allow you to upgrade the exoskeleton to better suit your play-style. Deck13 is promising a wider range of customizations so as to provide greater depth in combat and play-styles.

Some footage from the pre-alpha version of the game also shows how the combat is not based ion impact, but instead based on direction. Instead of light and heavy attack, there are vertical and horizontal attacks. This allows the player to focus on particular section of the bodies of enemies, and target weaker sections. This can even go as far to target the head of a particular enemy and decapitate it in order to retrieve its helmet.


Like Dark Souls though, the combat revolves around managing your stamina/energy bar, and you need to be keeping a close eye on it. Combat is a lot faster from the Souls games and Lord of the Fallen, and looks super stylish in its own unique way. The world and the story you’re engage with looks fleshed out and interesting, and I am hopeful that Deck13 will build upon the base they laid out in their previous game, and deliver a more compelling experience with The Surge.

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