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Assassin’s Creed Egypt/Empire Screenshot Leaked?

Assassin’s Creed Egypt/Empire Screenshot Leaked?

Unsurprisingly, there’s been another leak regarding the next Assassin’s Creed game by Ubisoft, which is rumored to be set in Egypt this time. The game is currently being referred to as Assassin’s Creed Egypt or Assassin’s Creed Empire. The leak comes via Reddit in the form of a screenshot, and there’s been no official confirmation, and the source has not been verified either, so keep some salt handy.

You can see the screenshot below:

And here’s a more zoomed in version:

What’s making people speculate that this is indeed Assassin’s Creed Egypt is a few details that are visible in the image. One of them is the shield the character has on his back, which seems to be of Greek origin, and also the text at the bottom of the screenshot indicates its location being Giza, Egypt.

Also, the marker towards the top is shaped kind of like a Pharaoh Sacrophage, though we might be pushing it now.

The character does not have a hood, which is new for the Assassin’s Creed series, but this screenshot might be from an earlier section in the game before the character joins the Assassins. The character design does look rather interesting, and I am excited to see if Ubisoft can get the series back on track with this one.

There’s also talk about this being a Prince of Persia game, but it’s unlikely that Ubisoft will bring that back without wrapping up Assassin’s Creed. Either ways, we can expect to hear more on this by this E3 2017.


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  1. Its Definitely Prince of Persia.
    1. The character doesn’t have stealth so he can’t be an assassin.
    2. The game character looks like Osiris which was a Prince of Persia Project.
    3. I highly doubt Ubisoft will go into making another boring ASC game as it already has got criticism.

  2. Love that REALLY!.


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