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Antec Inc. selects Team NeckBREAK eSports as its Valued Gaming Associate for India

Antec Inc. selects Team NeckBREAK eSports as its Valued Gaming Associate for India

Antec Inc. the global leader in high-performance computer components power supplies, and mobile accessories today announced that Team NeckBREAK eSports is now the Valued Gaming Associate for promoting its PC Gaming range of Power Supplies, Cabinets, Cooling and Accessories in the Indian market.

Team NeckBREAK eSports has grown into one of the India’s leading Dota2 teams and has participated in many PC Gaming tournaments. They’ve evolved into one of India’s premier eSports teams through their passion for gaming and their roster of talented gamers as a part of their team.

Antec as a brand known for its dedication to gamers by delivering quality rich high performance products are aiming to work with Team NeckBREAK aggressively to offer a wide range of their award winning gaming PSUs, Cabinets & Cooling series to Indian enthusiasts. Along with this, Antec also plans to educate the customers about its products offerings and opening up gaming and technology conversations will be some of the key highlights of this tie-up.


Kevan Li, Business Head – Indian Sub Continent & MEA at Antec Inc., said, “Our tie up with Team NeckBREAK which is one of the leading gaming teams of India is symbolic of the importance that we attach to encouraging esports as a major gaming PC Component vendor. Antec as the world’s leading brand in PC Gaming products is known for quality and reliable PSUs, Cabinets and Accessories which are a must for every gamer, professional as well as casual. This tie up is also valuable in terms of sharing their experience about the necessity of using quality products to build a robust gaming PC.” 

Siddharth Nayyar, Manager, Team NeckBREAK quotes, “We are thrilled to partner with a brand like Antec that share with us, the passion and vision for Indian eSports. Antec is known for its quality equipment (not to mention, outrageously cool) and it’s great to see them supporting teams in India. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.”


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