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Antec Inc. selects Team NeckBREAK eSports as its Valued Gaming Associate for India

Antec Inc. the global leader in high-performance computer components power supplies, and mobile accessories today announced that Team NeckBREAK eSports is now the Valued Gaming Associate for promoting its PC Gaming range of Power Supplies, Cabinets, Cooling and Accessories in the Indian market. Team NeckBREAK eSports has grown into one of the India’s leading Dota2 teams and has participated in many PC Gaming tournaments. They’ve evolved into one of India’s premier eSports teams through their passion for gaming and their roster of talented gamers as a part of their team. Antec as a brand known for its dedication to gamers by delivering quality rich high performance products are aiming to work with Team NeckBREAK aggressively to offer a wide range of their award winning gam...

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