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Top 10 Gaming Heroes The Indian Gamers Are In Love With

Top 10 Gaming Heroes The Indian Gamers Are In Love With

In India when you think of heroes the first thing that comes to mind is cricketers. But over the years there have been a few favorites that people have come to gain a likeness to that dwell in the virtual realm. Here are the top 10 gaming heroes that Indians gamers are in love with:

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Max Payne

Who can ever forget the tragic story of  the NYPD detective who is out to avenge the murder of his family.

Prince of Persia

The legendary Prince has won the hearts of millions of gamers by his witty charm and deadly fighting skills.


Ryu is perhaps the most popular character in fighting games. Orphaned as a child, this silent yet fierce fighter is focused in becoming the strongest martial artist in the world. If you have played Street Fighters, surely you must have tried to imitate Ryu’s famous skills – Shoryuken and Hadouken.

Agent 47 (Hitman)

A highly trained black suited assassin, Agent 47 is a product of a genetic experiment to create the perfect killer. He was created using DNA of 5 of the most notorious criminals in the world. No wonder he one of the most famous assassins in the history of gaming.

Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips from GTA is perhaps the most controversial character in the list. A murderer with psychopathic tendencies, why is he so popular? There is some level of realism in his character that gives us a window into the mind of killer. Let’s just hope the curiosity is limited to the game!


Mario has surpassed the gaming arena and become an icon of pop culture. A character that has been revived so many times, in so many different series, this is one plumber that never seems to age.


Kratos is one vengeful demigod that is far too complicated to figure out. He is an anti-hero that you can’t quite decide on whether to hate or to empathize with. However, his presence is undeniable and his capability for destruction makes him a force in gaming to be reckoned with.


Scorpion does not care whose side he is on, as long as his purpose is served. This personality trait makes him very intriguing. He can vengeful and merciless at times, but also shows characteristics of being an honorable warrior. Let’s just say, he is unpredictable and his ability to spit fire and shoot a chain hook makes him incredibly fun to play.

Master Chief

Have you ever wondered what’s behind that helmet? Nobody knows, but the green armored war veteran of the Halo series has an unmistakable look that you can instantly recognize.  John-117, generally referred to as Master Chief, is man of few words. However, he plays a vital role in the Human’s resistance against the Covenant.

Lara Croft

She is smart, she’s got the looks and she kicks ass. Lara Croft is considered as a sex symbol for video games. This is just an opinion, but the game version of Lara Croft is way sexier than the Angelina Jolie version in the Tomb Raider movies.

This list was written by Vinayak Anil Kumar and featured in Polka Cafe first.

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