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Top 10 Video Game Characters We’ve All Had A Crush On

People have crushes. Gamers also have crushes, but probably in-game crushes. Admit it, there have been a few female characters that you’ve gotten the hots for along the way. Here’s a list of crushes we’re sure you’ve had up until now. How many of your crushes feature on this list? Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn Hey, the post apocalypse is still a great place for romance, especially if you’ve got Aloy by your side. This bow wielding bad ass won our hearts in Guerrilla’s new open world adventure Horizon Dawn, and we’re eager to see more of her soon. 2B Nier Automata Me and 2B have had a good thing going on, especially since that nude mod released for the PC version of Nier: Automata. Lara Croft Tomb Raider Probably the first name that comes to mind when  you...

Fan Remake Of Tomb Raider 2 In Unreal Engine 4, You Can Play The Demo Right Now For Free

Tomb Raider- The Dagger Of Xian is a fan made remake of Tomb Raider 2 in Unreal Engine 4. The good news is that unlike most fan projects, this one won’t be shut down as Crystal Dynamics themselves have green lit this project with the only condition being that the creator should not make a profit off of it. This makes us believe that Square Enix themselves won’t stop in to stop this project. 38 Minutes of Gameplay footage has been linked below, thanks to steven35175 on Youtube.   The demo that has been created by Nicobass includes a big part of the “Great Wall” level and is supposed to have a play time of around 1 hour. Nicobass has also shared the minimum PC specs to be able to run this game which is as follows: Windows Seven x64 Graphics card 2GB VRAM with Dx1...

Top 10 Gaming Heroes The Indian Gamers Are In Love With

In India when you think of heroes the first thing that comes to mind is cricketers. But over the years there have been a few favorites that people have come to gain a likeness to that dwell in the virtual realm. Here are the top 10 gaming heroes that Indians gamers are in love with: [interaction id=”5982ed54e61f184b3be8fd2d”] Max Payne Who can ever forget the tragic story of  the NYPD detective who is out to avenge the murder of his family. Prince of Persia The legendary Prince has won the hearts of millions of gamers by his witty charm and deadly fighting skills. Ryu Ryu is perhaps the most popular character in fighting games. Orphaned as a child, this silent yet fierce fighter is focused in becoming the strongest martial artist in the world. If you have played Street Fighters...

You Wouldn’t Want To Mess With These Badass Women In Video Games

When it comes to video games, female characters may sometimes find it a little difficult to keep their dignity intact, in light of over-sexualization and the stereotyping as mere “damsels in distress” waiting to be rescued by the game’s mostly (not always, mind you) male protagonist. Now, that may have been the case when the majority of the members in the gaming community were guys. But times are changing. Women are gaining more recognition, becoming more and more kickass by the day, and if recent reports are correct, female gamers now outnumber their male counterparts. What better way to commemorate that than to celebrate badass women in the world of gaming? Here are 5 women who surely don’t need anyone’s protection. Lara Croft : Tomb Raider One of the most i...

Lara Croft Go: Piping Hot Game from Square Enix Montreal

Square Enix is expanding its mobile offerings by launching new games almost every year. The Go franchise of Square Enix’s mobile division expands with “Lara Croft Go”, its a stylized, cel-shaded mobile take on Lara Croft and her adventures. The game will be coming to phones and tablets, as of now no specific date is announced for the launch of the game. It’s the same company which developed Hitman Go, last year which was a critical and commercial success for Square Enix.

Tomb Raider Rises Over Icy Cold Winds

Lara Croft continues her tale in the Rise of The Tomb Raider.this will be a timed exclusive on the Xbox one and looks amazing. This could be a game to rival Uncharted 4. The E3 trailer keep you hanging on to the cliff’s edge! Literally. Watch as Lara grabs on to dear life in the biting cold. For more E3 updates stay tuned at Gaming Central. Be sure to check out all the E3 round-ups right here.

Square Enix goes Big at Gamescon 2014

Square Enix has revealed an exciting line-up of gaming highlights for gamescom 2014, Europe’s biggest interactive entertainment expo. From August 13 to 17, visitors to gamescom 2014 will be able check out a wide variety of titles, including the first European consumer hands-on of Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris, as well as the acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn, HD-remastered compilation Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix  and more.   For the first time ever, the Square Enix line-up stretches over multiple booths in hall 9. The main booth (hall 9/B21) features a huge Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn area, where up to 48 players can go hands-on and battle the game’s gigantic bosses. MMO fans and PvP experts are called to arms at the dedicated Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn boot...

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