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Xbox One X Benchmarks Revealed, They’re Pretty Impressive

Xbox One X Benchmarks Revealed, They’re Pretty Impressive

Benchmarks for the highly awaited Xbox One X have been revealed and they are pretty impressive. It is truly the most powerful console made and it looks like that it will give PS4 Pro a run for it’s money. The following data shows the power of Xbox One X-

A percentage increase comparison showing base Xbox One performance (blue at 100 per cent), followed by back-compat (red) and native Xbox One X code compiled under the latest XDK (green). Older titles can be recompiled to get a big performance boost.

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Here’s the same data, this time in basic frame-rate terms. Only Title A doesn’t see a huge improvement in performance with back-compat, while the boost with native Xbox X code (a barebones port it should be noted) is massive in all cases.

Just like the 4K captures, the original data is based on PIX captures measured in frame-time (milliseconds). Here’s that data – lower is better here. You might say we’re looking at 1.31TF vs 3TF vs 6TF performance here at the same resolution.

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