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Will Destiny 2 Be Cracked?

Will Destiny 2 Be Cracked?

Since the day of the PC release, pirates have been eyeing torrent sites for Destiny 2 to be cracked. The game’s files have already been hosted across multiple torrent sites, though there’s no sign of a crack coming anytime soon. Numerous discussions across forums have been asking the same question – Will Destiny 2 be cracked?

The thing about Destiny is that it’s a shared world game that needs to connect to Bungie’s servers in order to sync saves and character progression. This is similar to how Diablo 3 works, or even how most multiplayer only games work. This means that even with a crack, the game will need to connect online, and will fail validation checks from Bungie. So it’s highly likely that Destiny 2 might never get a proper crack.

Destiny 2 also needs to be launched via client, which has it’s own separate security checks. With almost every big AAA game in 2017 being cracked, except only a few with online only requirements, it’s been a tough year for developers and publishers when it comes to combating piracy. This actually might see the rise of ‘always online’ requirements for PC games, or a shift towards more multiplayer focused service based games.

About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. In the cinematic campaign, you’ll enter a world filled with compelling characters and fight to take back our home. Battle alongside friends with multiple cooperative modes or challenge others in intense multiplayer matches. Destiny 2 on PC will include scalable resolution up to 4K, uncapped framerate, an adjustable field of view, support for ultra-wide/special monitor configurations, and more.

Epic Campaign
Embark on a massive action-adventure journey to fight back against the Red Legion determined to destroy us all, and to reclaim our home, the last safe city on Earth.

Cooperative Gameplay
In Strikes, you’ll infiltrate an enemy stronghold with up to 3 players and takedown all active threats. Gather your fireteam of 6 and take on Destiny 2’s ultimate cooperative challenge, the Raid. Earn prestigious weapons, gear and accomplishments as you fight your way through.

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