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Turn Into A Cup, Or Shoot Glue At Aliens – Use Your Brains To Get Around In Prey

Turn Into A Cup, Or Shoot Glue At Aliens – Use Your Brains To Get Around In Prey

The reboot of Prey made a huge appearance at The Game Awards 2016, with a long gameplay trailer.

The trailer showcases various weapons, abilities, enemies and the Talos I space station. With all the creative shenanigans going on, it certainly looks a lot different than the original Prey. One interesting ability is Mimic, which lets you morph into (supposedly) any of the in-game objects, including a cup. That’s right. All your dreams are coming true. The weird part is that the cup is capable of independent movement, but hey, it’s sci-fi!

The game looks great, with a slight retro look of the old day sci-fi movies. It also provides you with a ton of options and gameplay mechanics to find your way through. You can chain different abilities in order to remain stealthy, or follow a more general, guns blazing approach. However, you might want to be economical with the ammo use as it is quite rare on the research station. Prey follows an open world-y approach, letting you explore Talos I in whichever way you want to.

Though it is more action based, the game certainly has an Alien: Isolation vibe to it. Prey is set to release on the Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2017.

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