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Top 5 Most Frustrating Side Missions That’ll Make You Want To Stop Playing Video games

Top 5 Most Frustrating Side Missions That’ll Make You Want To Stop Playing Video games

For the most part, side missions are fun additions to or distractions from the main plot. But sometimes they can tend to test the player’s patience beyond any reasonable limits. So here are the top 5 most frustrating side missions that’ll make you want to stop playing video games.

Exercising The Truth (GTA V)

While a lot of GTA V’s side missions fell like organically generated activities that come as a part of your day to day routine, Exercising The Truth is not that. This mission comes as part of a sequence of missions that you do for the Epsilon Program, and needs you to run 5 miles across the desert wearing their ridiculous outfit. NOT FUN!

Collecting Feathers (Assassin’s Creed 2)

Oh Ubisoft, you just couldn’t resist could you? You just had to thrown in needless collectibles in one of the best games you ever made. And that too feathers? One hundred of them? What exactly is Maria doing with so many feathers, and why does she need Ezio, a badass assassin, to collect them for her? Couldn’t she simply shoot down a few birds and skin them for feathers, a la Far cry 3?

Arena Championship (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

If for some reason you thins that Elder Scrolls games have great combat, then the arena in Oblivion is just for you. It pits you against increasingly tough enemies, and grants you ridiculous titles as you start winning fights. The only good thing that comes out of this is an interesting bit of background story towards the end of this quest-line.

Settlement Missions (Fallout 4)

I should’ve killed Preston Garvey when I had the chance.

Firewalker Missions (Mass Effect 2)

For some reason Bioware figured that driving the Mako and scanning planets were the best parts of the Mass Effect games, and decided to make a full DLC out of it. As you can imagine, no one bought this DLC.

Riddler Trophies (Batman Arkham)

You know what’s worse that going around collecting hundreds of obscurely hidden Riddler trophies across the city? Needing to collect all of them to see the game’s real ending! Good job Arkham Knight.

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