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This Theory About Watch Dogs 3 Might Indicate The Location Of The Next Game

This Theory About Watch Dogs 3 Might Indicate The Location Of The Next Game

Given how big an improvement Watch Dogs 2 was over the first game, fans are obviously looking forward to a sequel. Turns out, the game itself might hold a few hints about where it’s headed next. Also, spoiler warning, because this is related to the end of Watch Dogs 2.

One of the updates for Watch Dogs 2 added a few changes to the game, including a longer ending cutscene. You get a message from DedSec, including a recorded phone call. You can listen to it below, and be sure to pay attention at what appears at 00:03.

Notice that? The file name for the recorded call is a map co-ordinate. Look it up and you’ll see that it leads to Brixton Market in London. Fans are theorizing that the next game, ie. Watch Dogs 3, might actually be set in London. It might be too soon to speculate at a sequel, but with the success of Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft is sure to make another one of these. There also has to be a legit reason why Ubisoft deliberately added this bit of information into their game post-launch.

I am still enjoying Watch Dogs 2 regularly, specially with all the content Ubisoft is adding to the game, and am excited to see where the series goes in the future.

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