Soulcalibur VI – Mitsurugi and Sophitia Screenshots

Sharpen your swords, put on your armor, and get ready to fight. Soulcalibur, the game that defined weapon-based 3D fighting games, is back! Two decades after its first iteration, Soulcalibur VI returns to its roots while bringing brand-new gameplay features to the fight. Travel through the signature 16th century stages and experience the struggle for the two legendary swords using a complete roster of returning Soulcalibur characters, along with some newcomers! Soulcalibur has never looked more dynamic or dramatic, intensified with eye-popping graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4. Key Features • Dynamic fights enhanced by cinematic-styled combat. • State of the art graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4. • An epic story mode of the struggle for the two swords. • A complete roster of returning ...

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar recently revealed the story trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 and OH BOY, AREN’T WE EXCITED?! Yes, we are. There is no two ways about that. Here is a couple of things you should know before you’re ready for more of Red Dead Redemption 2. No more Mr. Nice Guy We aren’t the good guy anymore like John Marston. We are Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and a member of Van der Linde gang (Dutch’s gang) and we steal and rob our way through the wild west. Heists As evident by the new trailer, they’re going to be a lot of heists. You’ll come across train robberies, bank heists and other such missions. I believe Red Dead Redemption 2 going to be GTA in the wild west. Hunting At one point in the trailer, the protagonist was seen hunting a deer with a bow, (and in t...

Raji: An Ancient Epic – Indian Video Game Inspired By The Grand Medieval Architecture Of Rajasthan (Interview)

Nodding Heads Games is an independant games developer which aims to deliver breathtaking games based off stories and myths from the Indian subcontinent. The studio is currently working towards their first Kickstarter campaign for their action adventure game Raji: An Ancient Epic. Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game set in ancient India. Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods, to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Her destiny to rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura. The development team was kind enough to take the time and give us an interview, and here’s what they had to say: Gaming Central: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Tell us a bit about yourself. Nodding Heads Games: We are studio of 8 mem...

God of War Concept Art Shows New Areas & Monsters, And It’s Gorgeous

New concept art for the upcoming PS4 exclusive, God of War, shows off some new areas, enemies, and a lot of it looks really great. You can check it our below: Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy In-Game Screenshots Are Stunning [SPOILERS]

We’ve been playing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and you can check out our review here. The game is actually really great, and stands well on its own even in the absence of Nathan Drake. Here are some of the screenshots we took within the game, including some of the concept art. Be warned, there are some spoilers! About: From Naughty Dog, creators of critically-acclaimed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, comes Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, a new standalone Uncharted experience for the PlayStation 4 system. For the first time in franchise history, fan-favorite Chloe Frazer will lead a new adventure featuring all of the hallmarks of the celebrated Uncharted franchise, including a new rich cinematic story, action-packed set pieces, exotic destinations, and intricate puzzles. Uncharted: The Lost L...

Mini-Bosses Of Visceral Action-RPG The Surge Revealed In New Screenshots

Deck 13’s new hardcore action-RPG, The Surge, today unveils some of the game’s mini-bosses set to prowl the hallways of overrun industrial complex CREO. From CREO’s elite security forces to malfunctioning industrial machinery, these enemies make up just a few of the dangers facing Warren throughout the dangerous environments of The Surge. Led by a billionaire philanthropist, a project developed by CREO – a mysterious industrial and R&D megacorporation – designed primarily to reverse the effects of climate change on the planet is just beginning to take shape as something ominous. Although most dangers in The Surge were not originally designed for combat, CREO’s security forces exist to maintain order within the complex. CREO’s ‘robot dog’ is a l...

Vampyr: New Action RPG From Dontnod

Vampyr, the new RPG from acclaimed game-development studio Dontnod, today released its first screenshots and a concept trailer. Set in the London of 1918, Vampyr promises to offer a unique, deeply immersive action role-playing experience steeped in vampire mythology, with a strong narrative. Vampyr is set in early 20th century Britain as the country is gripped by the lethal Spanish flu and the streets of London are crippled by disease, violence and fear. In a disorganized and ghostly city, those foolish, desperate, or unlucky enough to walk the streets lay prey to Britain’s most elusive predators: the vampires. Emerging from the chaos, a tormented figure awakens. You are Jonathan E. Reid, a high-ranking military surgeon transformed into a vampire upon his return home from the frontline. Ex...

The Division Xbox One Beta Screenshots

If you’re an Xbox One owner, then you can get into the beta for The Division. PS4 and PC gamers will have to wait a few more hours. In the meanwhile, you can check out these new screenshots. Mind you, these are from the Xbox One version. So be sure to come back here later to see how the PC and PS4 versions stand up. For more news, reviews and information, be sure to check out Gaming Central.

New Screenshots From DOOM Look Incredible

Bethesda has released a new set of screenshots for DOOM. and these latest screenshots actually show better visuals than those showcased a while back. DOOM looks beautiful. Moreover, color grading seems to be toned down too, which is a big plus in our opinion. Enjoy the screenshots after the jump! And for more news and reviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

System Shock Remake Artworks & Screenshots Revealed

The classic cyberpunk adventure, which went on to spawn a sequel and inspire Irrational Games’ BioShock franchise, received a high-definition makeover, which is now available for purchase. But as Night Dive Studios’ CEO Stephen Kick told Fast Company earlier this month, the company’s next big project is to take the original game and completely reimagine it. Night Dive Studios acquired the rights to the System Shock franchise IP from the Star Insurance Company, which picked them up after original developer Looking Glass Studios was forced to relinquish the assets following its closure. After testing the waters with its Enhanced Edition ofSystem Shock, the studio is now working on a full remake. The spirit of the original title guides the fairly young Night Dive, which open...

Project Cars Dev. reveals 60 screenshots

Slightly Mad Studios have revealed about 60 new screenshots for its upcoming racing game Project Cars. They have showed some of the cars players will be able to used in various environments. “As usual, all shots show purely in-game footage that has not been made in any special photo mode, using no post-processing or filters that aren’t available during the actual gameplay,” the studio said. “What you see below is what you experience while driving!” We’ve heard of Slightly Mad Studios, as they’ve worked on Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed. Project Cars comes out for the Xbox One. PS4 and Wii U as well as Steam OS and PC this fall. Check out the Project Cars website for the full batch of 60 screenshots.  

GTA Online Update is here with Free Deathmatch and more

As gamers continue to enjoy GTA V Online, get ready for lots of new content updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, beginning with the launch of the free Deathmatch and Race Creators tool coming this week. Here’s a look at what’s on the way in the weeks ahead.. Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta This week, we will give you the first chance to build your own content in GTA Online (and play content others have made) with the release of the Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta. With access to some of the same tools as our own game design and development team, you can craft your own custom blood-soaked gunfights, high-octane street races, screaming jet dogfights and more. You’ll also be able to publish your original Deathmatches and Races via the Rockstar Games Social Club for the whole com...

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