Top 10 Games To Run On Low-End PCs And Laptops

Do you still have a potato PC that is somewhat capable of running games? Wondering what games you could probably play? Well, if you have a Dual Core CPU or something better and a GPU, chances are you’ll be able to run these games. Far Cry 3 Far Cry 3 is an open world first-person shooter set on an island unlike any other. A place where heavily armed warlords traffic in slaves. Where outsiders are hunted for ransom. And as you embark on a desperate quest to rescue your friends, you realize that the only way to escape this darknessā€¦ is to embrace it Just Cause 2 Dive into an adrenaline-fuelled free-roaming adventure. As agent Rico Rodriguez, your orders are to find and kill your friend and mentor who has disappeared on the island paradise of Panau. There, you must cause maximum chaos b...

Top 10 Most Terrifying Games You Will Ever Play

Some people like scary things, I don’t know why but they do. It’s kinda like how people like spicy food, it’s really unpleasant, leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you end up sweating a lot. To get a good scare the first thing that would come to mind is to watch a horror film, or maybe go to one of those haunted houses you find in malls. But video games for a while now are proving to be another way for you to soil your pants. Here are a bunch of pant soiling games you should try in case you have constipation. P.T. The one game (or would have been game) that even non-gamers have heard about. “Playable teaser” was a first-person psychological survival horror video game that served as an interactive teaser for the game Silent Hills. The game was directed and de...

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