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Sulon Q: AMD’s Tether-Free Virtual Reality Headset

Sulon Q: AMD’s Tether-Free Virtual Reality Headset

In a surprising announcement at GDC, we now have a new big player in the VR market, the Sulon Q. Developed by Sulon Technologies, the Sulon Q is a Head-Mounted-Display designed for virtual reality, augmented reality, and spatially aware computing.

The Sulon Q HMD is a fully tether-free HMD with its own computational system. The headset features an AMD FX-8800P processor and R7 Radeon graphics with four compute cores and eight GPU cores, similar to a game console. Sulon said the headset includes a 2560x1440p OLED display and features a 110-degree viewing angle. The headset also includes AstoundSound Technology for spatial audio processing, and a 3.5mm audio jack to plug in headphones. The Sulon Q comes with a pair of “spatially-optimized” earbuds.

The Sulon Q headset is capable of virtual reality gaming and applications. It’s also capable of augmented reality and gesture recognition thanks to the two cameras found on the front of the HMD. Further, the headset includes a Spatial Processing Unit that maps the environment in real time, using an array of cameras on the headset, which provides headset tracking without external devices.

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Sulon said the Sulon Q HMD will come equipped with Windows 10 and will be able to display holographic applications in transparent or opaque windows. The device will let you use hand gestures tracked by the front-facing cameras, but you can also use a keyboard and mouse, which will ship with the headset.

Sulon hasn’t revealed an exact shipping date for the Sulon Q headset, but the company plans to launch in late spring. When we talked to Sulon last year, its plan was the release a developer kit for $499. The price for the Sulon Q remains to be seen.

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