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Step Your Game Up With Piercing Blow

Step Your Game Up With Piercing Blow

Zepetto Co. (HQ- Seoul, South Korea), laid its foundation stone in 2003 and entered the game development/publishing industry. It started with the localisation of console games and by the year 2005 Zepetto Co. had launched “Vulcanus”, its first PSP game, and then it raised its footsteps towards other gaming platforms.

By 2010, Zepetto had its own PC based online FPS game- “Point Blank” a.k.a. “Piercing Blow” in several countries, within a decade “Piercing Blow”, became the World’s Most Popular FPS Game, currently serving more than 100 countries and over than 100 million user(s). Then Zepetto Co. expanded its horizons in India as “Zepetto India” and started serving “Piercing Blow” to Indian user(s) in 2016. “Piercing Blow” is a fast paced online FPS shooter game playable through Steam.

Every year we organise International Championship(s) across the world i.e.

  • Point Blank International Championship (PBIC)
  • Point Blank World Championship (PBWC)

Zepetto is giving an opportunity/platform to the gamers to showcase their gaming skills as an individual as well as a team players to the World of Games.

Till date India has participated in 2 championship(s);

  • Team “NeckBreak” represented India at PBIC2016, Thailand &;
  • Team “Entity-Esports” represented India at PBWC2017, Russia.

This time PBIC 2017 is going to be held at Jakarta, Indonesia on 21st & 22nd Oct, 2017, with a whopping cash prize of $1,00,000 and guess what? India is also going to be a part of this International Championship.

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Team “GoFigure” is going to represent India at PBIC2017 which emerged as a title-holder, knocking-down all other teams who took part in the Point Blank National Championship (PBNC).

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