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Hidden Gems You Should Pick Up From The Steam Summer Sale 2017

Hidden Gems You Should Pick Up From The Steam Summer Sale 2017

With the Steam Summer Sale currently ongoing and a lot of great games going for sale and being showcased on the main store page, you’ve probably bought all the games that are showcased or just aren’t interested in the other ones but still want to take the opportunity to grab games at discounted prices. So here’s a list of hidden gems that you may not know about.

Morphblade- $2.49/ Rs 129( 50% off)

A minimalist strategic roguelike where every movement is a tactical choice and abilities can be combined to create new power synergies.

GoNNER- $2.99/ Rs 110( 70% off)

A vibrant frenetic roguelike shooter/platformer, with a colourful surreal aesthetic and punchy fast-paced combat that rewards combos and speed.

Hydra Slayer- $2.99/ Rs 149( 50% off)

An old school roguelike with a mathematical twist. Fighting multi-headed hydras, you must combine weapons, items, and magic to figure how to behead hydras to counter their regrowing heads. (ie. 3 heads, cutting off one grows back 2, my dagger destroys 2 heads in one strike, …)

Stories Untold- $4.99/ Rs 184( 50% off)

A deceptively creepy mix of a horror game and text adventure that brings all kinds of unsettling possibilities from its premise.

Furious Angels- $4.99/ Rs 223( 30% off)

Combine the frenetic focus of Devil Daggers with aerial dogfights and you get Furious Angels. Low-poly action, skilful controls, and satisfying combat.

Unexplored- $7.99/ Rs 295( 20% off)

Take Brogue and give it an expanded action roguelike update, and you get Unexplored. One of the best roguelikes in recent years, with some of the best procedural dungeon generation and a lot of depth.

Asura- $7.99/ Rs 199( 20% off)

A top-down roguelike brawler/hack-n-slash based on Indian mythology.

sphereFACE- $9.74/ Rs 329( 25% off)

A modern take on Asteroids in spherical arenas, with physics-based movement and asteroid shattering, enemies to fight, an array of weapons and upgrades to master, and a cool vector aesthetic.

Hollow Knight- $9.89/ Rs 316( 34% off)

Easily one of the best metroidvanias to arise from the current genre revival. A captivating and otherworldly environment, challenging combat, rewarding exploration and secrets, fascinating lore, and a gorgeous art style.

Rain World- $11.99/ Rs 339( 40% off)

Dynamic AI-driven ecosystems, a stealth platformer that rewards the cautious prey mindset, a massive sprawling world, intense emergent confrontations, and wonderfully animated and detailed pixel art beasts and environments.

The Sexy Brutale- $13.39/ Rs 378( 33% off)

Groundhog Day meets surreal murder adventure, as you reset the day and use past knowledge to prevent the gruesome massacres in the titular hotel casino.

Brigador: Up-Armoured Edition- $13.99/ Rs 395( 30% off)

80s cyberpunk, deeply customizable mech builds, beautiful isometric art, strategic yet fast-paced action, and super satisfying destruction.

Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion- $14.49/Rs 447( 20% off)

A clever exploration-focused puzzler with dynamic slicing and dicing mechanics and an interesting world to traverse.

StarCrawlers- $14.99/ Rs 423( 25% off)

Sci-fi dungeon crawler with a focus on party-based combat and the thrill of combining your crews’ abilities and attacks.

Battle Brothers- $22.49/ Rs 546( 25% off)

A dynamic mercenary strategy game, with surprisingly brutal and deep combat and immersive sim-lite aspects.

OneShot- $5.99/ Rs 221( 40% off)

OneShot is a surreal top down Puzzle/Adventure game with unique gameplay capabilities. You are to guide a child through a mysterious world on a mission to restore its long-dead sun. The world knows you exist.

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