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How to start a career at Sumo India Studios

How to start a career at Sumo India Studios

These days, gaming is considered to be a lucrative career opportunity. Aside from having a vast community of passionate gamers, it also welcomes talent across departments and job roles with open arms. There are various career avenues to choose from, ranging from game design and development to game testing, visual art and more.One of the prominent names in the gaming industry is Sumo Digital, which has two studios in India (Pune and Bangalore). The company has played a vital role in boosting the overall Indian gaming segment and is known for its diverse and inclusive approach, the company has been recruiting talent across the board.

Sumo India’s employee-first approach

For those who have a passion for gaming as well as developing them, Sumo India is one of the best studios to work with. It is known for its flexible and agile approach as well as employee-friendly practices.

For instance, the company provides five learning days in a year where its people get the opportunity to explore a new area of interest. They can even pursue an area that aligns with their professional goals to shape their skills.

The studio organizes visits to the UK studios to facilitate networking and connecting to others within Sumo Digital on a one-on-one basis. Due to Covid, this practice had to be put on hold due to travel restrictions. However, the studio intends to restart this initiative again soon.

For Sumo India, its employees are its priority, and the company leaves no stone unturned to ensure they feel valued and a part of the Sumo family. As a token of gratitude and appreciation, the studio sends care packages to its employees comprising of goodies, eatables, and even new gadgets.

These packages are not only reserved for different occasions but are also sent as surprises on random days. This practice is just a gesture to show them that they are a valuable part of the company and that their hard work is not only acknowledged but also appreciated.

Actively supporting the approach to mental health with an empathetic approach, Sumo India strives to provide an optimistic and nurturing work culture to its studios. To take this initiative further, the studio has also partnered with an agency, ‘Truworth Wellness’. Working with this association, Sumo India participates in sessions on different topics related to health and wellness, which are organized regularly for its people’s well-being. This way, they get a chance to indulge in yoga or workout sessions and even rekindle their creative stints.

Being a part of the Sumo India family

At present, Sumo India is hiring for both Pune and Bangalore studios across almost 50 roles. The vacancies include roles such as Character Artist, Lead Animator, Concept Artist, Graphics Programmer, Level Designer, Game Designer, Senior Programmer, Senior UI Artist, Senior VFX artist, and Recruitment Manager, to name a few!

Job vacancies at both Sumo Pune and Sumo Bangalore are regularly posted and updated on the company’s websites, as well as promoted on social media and the hiring process is a smooth one.

Candidates that are interested in joining the company can apply via the Careers section on the Sumo Pune and Sumo Bangalore websites. However, it is recommended that people read the job roles and responsibilities carefully so that they can apply for the role that matches their skillsets.

Once the application reaches Sumo India, its recruiters review the profiles thoroughly. The process varies as different job roles require distinct skillsets and hence different approaches for recruitment. However, in the majority of the cases, the first round of the recruitment process consists of an introductory call, followed by a test or assignment that the candidates have to complete to go further in the rounds.

Sumo India’s trainee programs

Sumo India has an innovative approach to hiring trainees. Other studios often hire interns and their permanent migration into the company is subjective to their performance during their internship. What distinguishes Sumo India is its trainee program.

The programme runs up to 5 months across Art and Engineering disciplines whereby not only freshers but also juniors go through a structured training course and are then assigned to projects suiting their skills and experience with a further growth plan to ensure success.

Sumo India enjoys a competitive edge in the market due to two major reasons. Firstly, it is one of the few gaming studios working on AAA game development – and secondly, it is one of the few which is gradually transitioning towards Unreal Engine 5 for games development.

Mr. Stewart Neal – Studio Director – Sumo India Studio

Sumo Pune and Sumo Bangalore, under the Sumo India umbrella, are known to be some of the leading AAA studios in India and are currently on the lookout for talent across Art, Engineering, Design, QA and Management roles for those who are keen to join their teams. If you’re looking to make the move into the games industry, it’s the right destination to build a promising career.

There was once a time when gaming was all about playing, and entering this field was challenging due to the myths and concerns associated with this industry. However, with the efforts of gaming studios, not only is entering the industry becoming easier, but a new batch of talent has also been able to discover a promising career pathway.

For your next step in landing a great role in the games industry, check out the Sumo Pune and Sumo Bangalore Career opportunities now.

By Mr. Stewart Neal – Studio Director – Sumo India Studios

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