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Review: Thermaltake Core X31 Mid-Tower Chassis

Review: Thermaltake Core X31 Mid-Tower Chassis

The Core series has brought success to Thermaltake in the mainstream market, and they seem to be on a roll with no plans of stopping in the near future. With amazing features neatly packed into a tidy, compact case, the Core X31 adds a valuable member to the series.


The X31 comes in a black color with a rectangular form factor of 497 x 250 x 511 mm. It has a large transparent window on one side which offers a complete and clear view of the inside of the case. The front panel offers 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports and a port for HD audio and mic.

The cooling is provided by two 120 mm fans which can spin at about 1000 RPM and can be replaced with custom fans of preference. The front of the chassis offers room for a pair of 120 mm fans, or a pair of 140 mm fans.


The front of the case is a mesh panel, which gives the look of stacked bricks or blocks. There is a removable panel at the top for the 5.25″ bays, and a bright Thermaltake logo towards the bottom.

The front I/O panel can be found on the top of the chassis, along with the Power and Reset buttons, and the HDD and power LEDs. The top is also covered with a magnetic dust filter made of fine mesh to keep the dust out.

On the back the case has the rear I/O area and the slots and mesh to the right for the rear exhaust fan. There are eight expansion slots, and the PSU can be installed at the bottom on the case. The bottom side of the case also features a magnetic dust filter, and can be used as an air intake.


The front panel can be easily removed. The 5.25″ bays provided at the top come with tool free clips on both sides. They can also be secured with screws if need be. On the bottom in the front is the HDD rack, comprising of three trays that can house either a 3.5″ or a 2.5″ drive. The HDD rack can be removed completely as well.

The motherboard tray is a bit dropped from the top, and has a large opening for access to the back plate. The tray is labelled for ATX and Micro-ATX boards. At the bottom you can find the PSU cover on the top of which sit a pair of metal trays for 2.5″ drives. The PSU cover can be removed by taking out the screws.


For a mid tower chassis, the Thermaltake Core X31 is bang for buck. Its above average structural integrity, highly impressive liquid cooling capabilities and ample space packed in a tidy and neat package makes it an excellent choice for your money slot machines next rig build.

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