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Redout: Lightspeed Edition – Review

Redout: Lightspeed Edition – Review

Even at the slowest of times, nothing matches the speeds of a good futuristic anti-grav racer. And while Wipeouts of the past have mostly dwindled, apart from the occasional re-release, Redout is a fantastic throwback to the good old days of arcade racers, while feeling just as great on modern consoles.

Taking inspirations from the likes of Wipeout and F-Zero, Redout is set sometime in the future where high speed racers are no longer bound by the forces of friction and gravity. Racing happens at speeds that blur everything around you, and it’s an incredibly satisfying rush. The game controls really well, and the track design gives way to some really intense races.

You can unlock and upgrade ships, and there are powerups that you can pick-up as you race. The breakneck pace feels great, and once you get a hang of the controls, you’ll be gliding across without ever slowing down. Although, even at slower speeds, Redout is still faster than most racing games.

There’s also something unique about the way the game looks – it’s vivid, yet muted at the same time. Maybe it’s the less generous use of bloom effects, but I really liked how Redout looks. In some ways, I felt like I could see better, even at higher speeds. This also is a testament to the great track design, which even when complex, rarely throws you in for an unprecedented loop.

The career mode is fun, and slowly ramps up the challenge. You’ll be constantly unlocking upgrades, and earning new ships and rewards as you keep winning. The different tracks all look and feel vastly different, and the various modes use them well.

When it comes to multiplayer, you can either play online or in split-screen mode. Both are really fun, though I did have some trouble finding matches while playing online.

Redout is a really enjoyable arcade racer, the likes of which are really few these days. It’s really easy to jump into, and the game gets you going really fast from race to race. The visual are really crisp and stunning, be it the tracks, the vehicles or the regions. Both the singleplayer and the multiplayer feel robust, with enough content to keep you playing for a good long time.

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