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PUBG Developers Discuss The Benefits Of Working With Microsoft

PUBG Developers Discuss The Benefits Of Working With Microsoft

In a recent interview with, Brendan Greene, the guy behind the ARMA III mod that led to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, discussed about bringing the game to the Xbox One alongside the release of the Xbox One X and how Microsoft has been a really big help in porting the game over from PC to console. You can read the full interview here, and below are some of the highlights.

  • Microsoft is sending over a bunch of staff to both Bluehole in Korea and utilizing their staff in Spain to help port the game while the main team keeps working on the PC version.
  • Microsoft is also helping them with security and anti-cheat design for the PC version.
  • Microsoft is aiding them in designing the controller feel (button mappings, auto-aim, etc) for the game, utilizing their experience in developing console shooters.
  • They also get to share in a lot of Microsoft’s Unreal Engine 4 technology extensions. For example, they’re considering putting Rare’s water tech from Sea of Thieves in the game.
  • When asked about a PS4 version, PlayerUnknown notes that the biggest issue there is that they’re incredibly strapped for staff on the team (they’re currently trying to go from 120 staff to 300, and the rest of Bluehole’s staff has to still handle their other games) that they can only really handle the PC version and the Xbox version currently. As previously mentioned, Microsoft is handling a lot of the Xbox version to boot. Microsoft’s early access program (Xbox Game Preview) also lets them put this out while the game is still in early access more easily.

With all this support, I really hope that the game attains even greater success on its console release.

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