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Pre Registration For NFS: No Limits Begins In PlayStore

Pre Registration For NFS: No Limits Begins In PlayStore

The franchise Need For Speed needs no formal introduction.These street car racing games are among the most popular of their kind, which makes the next iteration a highly anticipated one. Need for Speed: No Limits is almost ready to hit the streets. You cannot download the game now as of now but you can pre register for it.

Need for Speed: No Limits brings forth the same thrilling experiences we have come to expect from the series. You get to run away from cops, race around transited streets, customize your cars and more. There’s plenty of cars to choose from, and EA claims the game includes over 250 million customization combinations for making your ride really yours. And there are licensed body kits from Rocket Bunny, Mad Mike and Vaughn Gittin Jr, too!

There are multiple game modes in the game.Aside from the standard story mode, you can “prove your worth by defeating the toughest crews in Time Trial, Car Delivery and Duel modes”.
The game will be free to download.Your gaming will be limited by time, which the game measures in “fuel”. You can fill up by using in-game currency, or simply waiting a while.
So just go to the playstore and get yourself pre registered for the game.
So go racing…
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